Even before the COVID-19 crisis, the demand for timely, high-quality digital content was on the rise. But it’s even more critical now that digital is the primary channel for human connection across the board. The opportunities for brand awareness, customer loyalty, and customer acquisition are multiplied by the sheer number of people spending more time than usual on their devices for work, social interaction, and just plain distraction from the real world. With the need for fresh content amplified to this degree, there are three key challenges that many brands face when it comes to keeping up:

  1. Creating valuable content at scale. Meeting an increased demand for new content is one thing, but brands should also ensure that the work they share is valuable to their specific audience — not just created for the sake of creating. Without a thorough understanding of who will consume your content and how, any video, infographic, or white paper you publish is already at a disadvantage in terms of performance.
  2. Planning ahead. A major barrier to successfully keeping up with a robust content calendar is not having a content calendar. While one-off projects are certainly important and can be very effective, they become cumbersome when the volume of work increases. When that’s the case, implementing a strategic content calendar weeks or months in advance can make all the difference for timely execution.
  3. Leveraging content across channels. Frequently, the long-form article that might be effective on LinkedIn isn’t the best piece of content to post on another social platform. But versioning content across channels multiplies deliverables considerably, adding strain on brands’ resources.

Leveraging the benefits of a content partner at scale

When you partner with Summer Friday to plan and produce your content calendar, you’re not just signing on for critical insights and high-level execution. You’re kicking off a relationship, rooted in collaboration and efficiency, that will save you time and money while increasing performance.

At Summer Friday, we develop enduring creative experiences that are rooted in strategy, and we deliver them efficiently so your brand can reach real people on real devices in real time. Our streamlined approach to long-term client relationships allows us to deliver compelling content that drives tangible results with significant cost savings.

With a content studio partnership, you’ll have access to:

priority service icon

Priority service

Our dedicated team is standing by for your projects, versus incorporating them into our larger client work schedule.

brand familiarity icon

Brand familiarity

Rather than assigning staff on a project-by-project basis, you’ll work with the same team every time. From creative to project management, your particular team is familiar with your brand, your work, and your expectations.

asset management icon

Asset management

When we partner with our clients at this level, we build an asset library that we can pull from for consistency and time efficiency across subsequent work – instead of our usual archiving process for one-off projects or deliverables.

quality control icon

Quality control

A partnership with our content studio provides an entire team of gatekeepers with extensive brand familiarity for unparalleled quality control.

added efficiency icon

Added efficiency

Priority service, brand familiarity, and asset management allow us to shorten our typical one-off project timelines and deliver with greater efficiency.

substantial cost savings icon

Substantial cost savings

By assigning a team and allocating resources on a longer-term basis, we’re able to significantly decrease our normal rates, which brings down per-deliverable costs considerably.

See how our partnership model drove results for Tradestation.

We’d love to talk more about our content capabilities and how a strategic partnership can save you time and money while you build a content library for your brand. Let’s chat to see how our scalable, collaborative model can fit your needs!