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Golden Rules:
Heralding the Human Side of Wealth Management

Wealth management requires a personalized approach. And a premier financial brand requires a powerful story. Here’s how we’re supporting EPIQ Capital Group in their delivery of both.

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powering possibilities
for a community

Multinational utility company National Grid has always provided volunteer and service programs throughout New York State. But they were looking to make an even bolder statement — with a reinvigorated commitment both to the clean energy transition and to the communities they serve.

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scroll-stopping creative

When you’re an insurance brand, it’s rarely easy to get people’s attention — especially on social media. It’s a crowded, noisy space and, let’s be honest: Insurance remains a decidedly low-interest topic. After all, customers usually only think about insurance when purchasing a policy, filing a claim, or paying their bill.

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creating a campaign by the numbers — and beyond

BNY Mellon may be experts in investment banking. But, when they want to turn a big report into a bigger idea, they come to Summer Friday.

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optimizing YouTube performance for serious social engagement

Global investment management firm VanEck has made a name for themselves, especially when it comes to managing ETFs and mutual funds. But when it came to making that name resonate across social media, their brand needed a boost for greater visibility and engagement with online audiences. That’s when they enlisted Summer Friday.

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beyond the brand:
recharging a fintech’s story for greater growth

Rebuilding a brand involves much more than nuts and bolts — especially when a powerful investment solution like iFlip is ready to show the world what’s under the hood.

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reimagining investor

Today, it’s essential for financial brands to educate customers with content and video. But back in 2007, when we began working with E*TRADE, it was new territory altogether. Online video platforms like YouTube were in their infancy and social was just gaining critical mass. This represented a massive opportunity for E*TRADE to get ahead of the curve.

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trading made social

TradeStation had a massive business challenge. When marketing executives at the fintech day-trading platform approached us, they worried that the luster and power had begun to wear off of their product.

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building a Web3 brand narrative for maximum impact

Top global blockchain provider Waves was looking to break into the lucrative North American market for the crypto sectors. That’s when they reached out to Summer Friday, a partner capable of learning on the fly and adapting to wildly fluctuating market conditions.

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building a strategic foundation for a new fintech platform

Strategic Financial Solutions is on a mission to help consumers achieve financial health — a mission that became especially urgent with the onset of the pandemic. The company knew they wanted to create a new content platform that would empower members to make smart financial choices. And in the early stages of brand development, they knew they needed to understand how to tap into the market potential.

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The music industry looked a little different 15 years ago. CDs were still a thing, entire TV stations were dedicated to music videos, and most people had never even heard the term “streaming”. Meanwhile, MP3s were changing the game, offering people more control over how they consumed music — and transforming the way they interacted with their favorite artists.

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building a
brand identity

When financial equity powerhouse Greystone chose to enter the nonprofit senior housing, skilled nursing and rehabilitation space, they knew they needed an agency with heart to help craft their brand. With our deep experience in both nonprofit and healthcare, coupled with our passion for giving back, Summer Friday emerged as the perfect fit.

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