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From day one, Summer Friday was intentionally oriented around it’s team. Because, when you put your people first, the benefits transfer directly to your clients in a concrete way. You can’t fake it. And you can’t do it halfway.

We take an individualized, holistic approach to wellness, equipping our employees to be happy, healthy and passionate.

We only engage with clients and assignments that are an ideal fit with our skills and chemistry, which lets us work smarter — and better.

We are intentional in remaining a “right-sized” boutique, which allows us to abandon traditional goals of infinite growth, instead promoting strength and sustainability in all decisions.

Along the way, we encourage our Summer Friday family (errr … framily) to be fun and fearless. To take risks. To embrace vulnerability. To trust. Because when you’re connected to your teammates and client partners through mutual respect, it’s pretty easy to love work and love life.

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our story

Standing up a creative agency within 48 hours in the middle of a global pandemic? Yeah, that happened. Hear from our president, Rob Simone, about how Summer Friday got its start — and how it shaped our vision.

Small Business Marketing then and now featuring: Rob Simone
building balance

Creating a culture of support required intention and execution. Hear from Summer Friday Head of Client Strategy Alicia Wiedemann about how we make it work — and why it’s worth it.

Marketing Strategy 101 by Alicia Weidemann Forbes
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We’re looking for folks who are fun, smart, creative, efficient and inspired. Sound like a love connection? Sweet!


the founders

powerful partnerships. extraordinary engagement.

summer framily

/sə-mər fram-lē/ (noun)

Definition: Friends or colleagues to whom we would actually choose to be related, because the relationship is mutually respectful, supportive and affectionate.

constantly curious

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