Trading made social

TradeStation had a massive business challenge. When marketing executives at the fintech day-trading platform approached us, they worried that the luster and power had begun to wear off of their product.

TradeStation had attracted a profitable core customer base. But the fintech explosion, along with their competitors’ aggressive digital marketing strategies, struck a solid blow to TradeStation’s ability to attract and retain new users — particularly Millennial traders, the very future of their business.

Our Approach


Brand & product positioning


Data-driven content strategy with deep audience insights

Build & manage

A collaborative content production/publishing model

The TradeStation customer of today — and, more importantly, of tomorrow — wanted a different relationship with their platform. Through social listening, we uncovered a vast network of trading conversation groups and niches where traders of various levels engaged with one another every day in search of ideas, strategies, and camaraderie.

Our team immediately went about the process of transforming the TradeStation product identity from a dull, unintuitive platform meant for professional investors into a highly relevant, strategically astute, socially connected brand for traders who crave ideas and insights on-the-go.

The Results

The TradeStation story isn’t just about a brand transformation. It’s also about powerful activation. Together, we launched a first-of-its-kind social strategy that included Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram — then added a bespoke content publishing team that churned out posts, charts, polls, videos, and more, often at a moment’s notice. The result? Unprecedented levels of personalization, scale, and speed that weren’t just effective — they were award-winning.

Lift in engagement rate621%

Increase in social followers26%

Decrease in cost per engagement60%

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