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Top global blockchain provider Waves was looking to break into the lucrative North American market for the crypto sector. That’s when they reached out to Summer Friday, a partner capable of learning on the fly and adapting to wildly fluctuating market conditions.

“(Tokens) can significantly transform the business world, the way the state is working, the way society is operating.”

– Sasha Ivanov

Waves brand guideline example

our approach

We kicked off our market strategy by identifying target audiences, as well as current competitor options and sentiment towards them. At the same time, we developed personas to provide insight into their mindset when looking for a decentralized technology partner.

We then crafted a brand narrative that defined their mission, purpose, values, brand attributes and competitive advantages, mapping their value proposition to underserved needs.

By positioning Waves as fully focused on the developer community, and with a priority to onboard Web3 teams through education and financial support, we developed the campaign theme: Future Re-Coded. This narrative was both aspirational and inspirational, tethered to a vision of a truly decentralized internet — and to the many benefits that come with that disruption.

Waves logo - full color
Waves logo - W
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Taking direct inspiration from our Future Re-Coded concept, the Summer Friday creative team set about developing new brand guidelines awash in a vibrant palette and modern typography. Together, the team visualized a bold new storyworld built around a futuristic, utopian city — the perfect metaphor for the Waves ethos and ecosystem. Looking at both Art and AI, we developed a working 3D model of our city and the citizens who lived and worked there, representing the users and developers who engage with Waves every day.

This sophisticated, modern brand approach not only sets them apart from the competition, but also sets them up for the development of a virtual reality experience that will emulate the creativity and ambition of the partners they intend to attract. For Summer Friday, the project was powerful — both as a creative adrenaline rush and as an opportunity to embrace the new possibilities of Web3.

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