Cultural awareness is a high-stakes endeavor for today’s brands. One insensitive word, one non-inclusive image, one negative association…that’s all it takes to cause devastating reputational damage.

We pride ourselves on carefully accounting for these concerns when reviewing creative. But we also recognize that a wider, more diverse representation of reviewers is required to deliver the highest level of due diligence–especially when you’re releasing countless pieces of collateral a year.

That’s why we created Vantage Report, a new tool that delivers an extra layer of protection by vetting your creative work with a balanced, inclusive panel of reviewers to ensure it’s culturally sound.

Vantage Report Example

how do we do it?

Through an efficient survey process that allows us to methodically test all creative for cultural sensitivity. When a piece of content is submitted for review, Vantage Report seamlessly fields a short questionnaire to a set number of individuals that are representative of the U.S. population, leveraging data from the U.S. Census Bureau. The output then determines whether the content is culturally sensible, or if it needs to be refined in any way.

why do we do it?

Because we’re extremely passionate about promoting diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) in everything we do. That’s a core value for us as an agency. And we want to help other brands be a pillar of DEI in marketing as well.

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