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  • Branding elements
  • Engagement tactics
  • YouTube strategy and optimisation
  • Content style and tone
  • Performance KPIs

Global investment management firm VanEck has made a name for themselves, especially when it comes to managing ETFs and mutual funds. But when it came to making that name resonate across social media, their brand needed a boost for greater visibility and engagement with online audiences. That’s when they enlisted Summer Friday.

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our approach

We began by focusing on a critical channel — YouTube — and assessing the competitive landscape, especially considering the way other investment management firms interacted with their online audiences. Our findings informed recommendations in the channel, including branding elements, engagement tactics, content style and tone, and performance KPIs.

We also evaluated VanEck’s library of 180+ existing YouTube videos. Together, these recommendations identified opportunities to organise and optimise their YouTube channel, deploying SEO best practices, content strategy and data insights — all to help the VanEck brand work harder and smarter.

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