Strategic Financial Solutions


  • Strategy
    • Marketplace analysis
    • Persona deep dive
    • Competitive review
  • Creative development/naming assignment

Strategic Financial Solutions is on a mission to help consumers achieve financial health — a mission that became especially urgent with the onset of the pandemic. The company knew they wanted to create a new content platform that would empower members to make smart financial choices. And in the early stages of brand development, they knew they needed to understand how to tap into the market potential.

But with the aggressive expansion of the fintech landscape, finding untapped opportunities — especially in a way that’s intuitive to consumers — seemed like an impossible challenge.

That’s when Strategic Financial turned to Summer Friday. Challenge accepted.

Firstly mockup with laptop and phone

our approach

Our team conducted extensive market research, including a competitive audit, audience discourse analysis and audience persona development. We also ran a cultural AI and quantitative study to explore the psychographic needs of the Strategic Financial audience. These insights not only uncovered opportunities to inform creative and product development for the new content platform, but also identified target audiences for the company’s broad range of financial health solutions.

The platform was christened Firstly — built just for families in the ‘Sandwich Generation.’

Summer Friday did more than develop a marketing and brand strategy, providing Strategic Financial with the tools for a successful launch. We also helped them figure out where they fit into the larger fintech ecosystem. “We couldn’t have asked for a better partner,” they told us. And from our perspective, there’s no greater mission than that.

market research

Example output from Persona Development for Strategic Financial Solutions and Firstly.

Begrudging Planners

Begrudging Planners

Carefree Optimist

Curious Stabilizer

Future Proofer

Stressed Juggler

Stressed Juggler






“We couldn’t have asked for a better partner.”

– Strategic Financial Solutions NY

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