The UK’s Labour party has pledged to make Britain a clean energy superpower by 2030. They also aim to achieve net zero carbon emissions and create 400,000 jobs in the process. 

The party intends to invest in renewable energy — including offshore wind — and improve public transportation to reduce reliance on cars. Plans also involve a ban on fracking, investment in electric vehicle infrastructure and funding for energy-efficient housing.

Offshore windmill farm

Perhaps most notably for UK energy providers, Labour also seeks to halt new oil and gas projects in the North Sea.

At Summer Friday, we believe in the power of communication, especially in a complex and challenging political environment like this one. In fact, effective communication campaigns can help UK energy providers build national affinities with their supply chains and improve popular perception of their industry — promoting a culture of cohesion, compromise and collaboration in the process.

Our deep experience in content strategy and creative messaging, corporate leadership, social good, CSAT/sentiment improvements and stakeholder comms has helped our clients achieve even the most ambitious communications goals.

For example, in our work with National Grid on Project C, we’ve demonstrated their value beyond their identity as a utility provider — enhancing customer engagement in a notoriously low-satisfaction vertical.

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National Grid approached us to create a video that promoted their community projects and clean energy programs, boosting brand sentiment across their New York footprint in the process.

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Summer Friday developed a multi-channel campaign that captured the attention of our target audiences with highly engaging and unexpected content.

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With minimal media budget at launch, we relied on a grassroots approach, deploying a vast network of influencers and partners to amplify the Project C message. The result: Numerous emotionally charged videos, including the powerful series, “A Love Letter to Brooklyn.”

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After building a successful foundation for Project C on organic channels — including web, social, email, video and more — we’ve since expanded into paid channels. In fact, the “Love Letter” series rolled out on organic and paid channels, surpassing our CPM goals by 1.5% on Instagram and Facebook, and 32.4% on YouTube.

Make no mistake, outbound communications could only go so far. National Grid required a more nuanced approach, both in terms of messaging and media. Summer Friday understood the value of equipping advocates to communicate on behalf of National Grid, serving as a trusted voice and amplifying positive messages across a broad swath of engaged, receptive audiences.

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