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In a sector charged with plenty of negative sentiment, it takes ingenuity to craft a brand that’s trustworthy, sympathetic and respectful — without sacrificing performance or efficiency.

Lendly, a direct-to-consumer lender, needed to find a way to break through in an extremely cluttered, noisy category. Together, we worked to develop a strategy that would move them away from the traditional preconceived notions surrounding lending companies, as well as target a precision-focused audience with highly relevant content.

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We developed a brand platform focused around an inspiring — and genuine — idea: “You’re more than your credit score.” This became the rallying cry for Lendly, evolving into the tagline “Quickly, Fairly, Lendly.” From there, every single piece of communication worked to prove that Lendly strived to help uplift a disempowered cross-section of American laborers.

Powering a digital-first media plan using personalized content, we used highly targeted creative assets served to each audience sub-segment across platforms, devices and formats. Real-time optimization enhanced return, thanks to a data pass-through that spanned digital touchpoints and offline conversions. This intelligence proved invaluable not only for marketing, but also enriching CX and identifying where to expand.

We broadened the program to a multi-channel approach that consisted of programmatic display and CTV. All of the video was served addressably, enabling high relevancy for employees of specific companies. To increase virality and shareability, an ambassador program was deployed, which incentivized loan holders to recruit coworkers, lessening the reliance on media buying while further scaling the customer base.

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Bottom line? The strategy worked. So did the creative. Affluent Gen Xers and Millennials are engaging and reaching out to Chubb agents online, proving that social is in fact a viable channel for lead generation. And suddenly, a “low interest” topic is generating high conversions.


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Outcomes like these have led to a continued and expanded partnership with Lendly, including product management support and a multi-year run of paid video ads. And we’re thrilled that in a sector filled with skepticism, we’ve been able to help Lendly defy conventional perceptions and find breakthrough success.

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