You can’t attend a marketing webinar without hearing “personalization” 50 times in the first minute. And it’s no wonder — personalization has proven to be extremely effective, with up to a 6X higher conversion rate and a 19% uplift in sales. But while the world struggles to engage their target audience on a one-to-one level, sometimes the solution can be much simpler.

So when does it make sense to go all in on personalization, and what are your alternatives? At Summer Friday, we’ve produced content across the spectrum of personalization and we can make a recommendation that’s right for your audience, your objective, and your budget. Here are three approaches for content personalization we’ve used in the past:

1. Versioned Content

Versioned content is the first step toward personalization. It takes into account that your entire audience isn’t looking for the exact same thing, so it targets broad customer segments with slightly varied visuals and/or messaging vs. one mass piece of content that goes to everyone.

2. Segmented Content

Taking personalization a step further, segmented content goes deeper into the demographic nuances of your audience and serves them content that is directly relevant to them, personally. Modular videos fit into this category -- a number of scenes are created and customers see a video that includes only the modules (or scenes) that are specifically applicable to them.

Full 1:1 Personalization

Fully personalized content speaks directly to each individual customer. For example, details like the customer’s name, account number, or when their next bill is due can all be included in a fully personalized video. These elements can even be updated in real time, so that personal details will refresh if a customer watches the same video again later.

There are certainly best practices and uses for all three levels of personalization, and we’d love to talk about the best approach to fit your needs!

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