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Wealth management requires a personalized approach. And a premier financial brand requires a powerful story. Here’s how we’re supporting EPIQ Capital Group in their delivery of both.

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our approach

EPIQ Capital Group was experiencing what some might describe as an enviable challenge. Since their inception in 2018, the monumental growth of this boutique multi-family office had been fueled organically — almost entirely through referrals — ascending to $4 billion in assets under management in less than five years.

As the most successful professionals continued referring their networks to EPIQ, it was clear they needed a compelling narrative to share. And when it was time to define their vision and differentiate their brand for ultra-high net worth clients and their families, EPIQ joined forces with Summer Friday.

Together, we carefully crafted a messaging foundation to support the core narrative — recalibrating the EPIQ mission, vision and values, while also establishing new pillars and proof points that reinforce their powerful differentiators. The messaging also included a positioning statement and tagline to establish the brand as a partner that can take their clients to the next level, and build with them for generations to come:

An experience beyond wealth

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Initial Sketch

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Final Icon

With the messaging in place, we then explored a variety of creative concepts that would inform the visual identity. The result: The golden touch — ​​an idiom that denotes universal success.

Next came the development of the distinctive new brand mark. Formed of three concentric lines that recall the whorl of a fingerprint, the icon represents the EPIQ ethos: exceptional service and personal touch. Full guidelines followed — including palette, typography, imagery, an icon library, sample creative and more, all carefully curated to support the brand’s elevated and timeless appeal.

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This revitalized brand ushers in a new era for EPIQ, but it’s far from an isolated exercise. We’ve since rebuilt and launched a new EPIQ website. And with an eye toward evolution, we’re poised to explore future extensions of the brand together in the months to come.

epiq website before epiq website after
Epiq brand guidelines page
Epiq brand guidelines page
Epiq brand guidelines page
Epiq brand guidelines page
Epiq brand guidelines page
Epiq brand guidelines page

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