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When you’re an insurance brand, it’s rarely easy to get people’s attention — especially on social media. It’s a crowded, noisy space and, let’s be honest: Insurance remains a decidedly low-interest topic. After all, customers usually only think about insurance when purchasing a policy, filing a claim, or paying their bill.

Chubb wanted to break through the crowd and become top-of-mind for an audience that cares deeply about their property and possessions — and about the process through which those items are protected. Chubb approached us with a straightforward but ambitious goal: Drive newly affluent Generation X and Millennial leads to engage and find an agent online.

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our approach

The campaign required stellar creative: A big idea that was conceived with the foresight to work seamlessly within a full-funnel plan for web acquisition. We quickly built three executions, each of which was designed to grab attention at different stages of consideration. Through these upper-funnel tactics, we built a qualified audience pool that could be remarketed through dynamic display units to ultimately convert on campaign-specific landing pages.

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Bottom line? The strategy worked. So did the creative. Affluent Gen Xers and Millennials are engaging and reaching out to Chubb agents online, proving that social is in fact a viable channel for lead generation. And suddenly, a “low interest” topic is generating high conversions.


Higher CTR


Lower cost per agent search


Increase in agent searches

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