At a time when many companies are confused about how to properly communicate with their customers, others are leveraging new opportunities. At Summer Friday, we believe now is the moment to dive in and connect with new audiences. But that doesn’t mean you have to follow the same old methods. We love to help our clients imagine new possibilities.

Here are 7 approaches that we use as a starting point:

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Social Video Content

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Explainer Videos

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Brand Culture Videos

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Educational Video Content

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Broadcast Videos

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Virtual Conferences & Event Content

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Pitch/Sales Videos

1. Hit refresh on social content

Stop the scrolling with social videos that make your brand stand out. Whether you’re just beginning your journey in this space or it’s time for a fresh look, we’ll help you optimize for different channels and reach laser-targeted audiences.

2. Drive engagement with explainer videos

Bring landing pages, emails, and e-commerce pages to life with videos that showcase your brand and products.

3. Highlight culture and social responsibility campaigns

Your brand’s commitment to social responsibility has never been more relevant. Show audiences and employees how you are making a positive impact.

4. Cut confusion with educational and demo videos

Consumers expect a certain level of video support on a regular basis. Make sure users know exactly how to use your products with engaging and easy-to-follow demo videos.

5. Re-imagine broadcast video

There are several ways to approach a broadcast spot under normal circumstances. Now, more than ever, we’re helping to transform a challenging production environment into a land of opportunity.

6. Go virtual with conferences & events

With live events going online, your brand needs digital materials pre-, during and post-event. Think videos, animated content, engaging site experiences, and recordings that live up to the real thing.

7. Close the deal with pitch videos/animatics

Can’t meet in person for a new business pitch? Prime your buyer and sell your ideas with a compelling pitch video.