Reimagining investor education

Today, it’s essential for financial brands to educate customers with content and video. But back in 2007, when we began working with E*TRADE, it was new territory altogether. Online video platforms like YouTube were in their infancy and social was just gaining critical mass. This represented a massive opportunity for E*TRADE to get ahead of the curve.

But carving out a strategy to acquire and retain customers through content marketing wasn’t enough. Actionable videos needed to be deployed, optimized and, at times, personalized. We wrapped it all together into a nimble publishing arm that has been the bedrock of investor education at E*TRADE for the last 13 years.

Our Approach


Customer’s digital education journey


An agile content production/publishing model


Audience engagement while substantially decreasing cost & time to market

If you want to attract new customers with content, focus first on your best existing customers. Give them confidence and competence. By empowering them to use more of your products, you can turn them into brand evangelists — and they’ll help spread the word online.

Our customer data and platform research pointed to a clear digital journey that required alignment. So, in addition to building and reconfiguring E*TRADE’s online investor education content strategy, we built an agile model for content publishing that has remained durable, and malleable, for more than a decade.

Our content studio and publishing division — aligned with brand efforts — built the appropriate personas and customer journeys, structured curricula, and produced the videos, series, and supporting content to launch the effort.

The Results

Since our initial launch, E*TRADE has seen more account opens, greater utilization of E*TRADE products, and a greater frequency of trading. The content that we created has been used across channels to build trust, recognition, and brand affinity for more than a decade — all while saving the brand millions in production costs.

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