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Offshore windmill farm

Powering Perceptions of UK Energy Providers Through Nuanced Communications Campaigns

The UK's Labour party has pledged to make Britain a clean energy superpower by 2030. They also aim to achieve net zero carbon emissions and create 400,000 jobs in the process.

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Rob Simone on laptop in Drum office

To defuse or to detonate: How a catastrophe changed my approach to leadership and life

It was just that kind of Tuesday… April 14th, 2020.

The entire country — possibly the entire human race — was obsessed with how to operate during a pandemic. How to work from home. How to educate our children remotely. How to keep from, well, confronting our own mortality.

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Rob Simone, Alicia Weidemann, Michael Cruz SF leadership

Why is Leadership Important in Business?

“When leaders consistently demonstrate humility and positive vulnerability, it reverberates through a culture and creates a safe, trust-based environment–—one where employees feel more independent, loyal and satisfied. And this translates to happier clients and better bottom line results.” Read more of Summer Friday President Rob Simone’s thoughts on leadership in this recent article from UpJourney:

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audio microphone

Finding the Right Marketing Team

We believe every brand should be able to articulate its unique value proposition in just a few words, not a few paragraphs. Summer Friday’s? Culture above all. Hear our President Rob Simone talk about that and more on Nick Westergaard’s On Brand podcast:

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ice cream cone with ice cream on the side

You don’t need another agency. You need a strategic partner.

If you’re an early-stage company or founder who believes it’s “too soon to build a brand identity” or “too expensive to work with a creative partner” and you’re simply “not ready,” Summer Friday’s Marketing Incubator Program was tailor-made with you in mind. Learn more about it in this article from TheMarketingBlog, featuring our President Rob Simone:

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